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Dramatic IT cost-savings unlock funds for student success

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Business Challenge

Seattle Public Schools (SPS), the largest public school district in Washington State, needed to cut costs while minimizing the impact on students. IT launched an initiative to replace outdated VAX computers, personalize IT service provisioning, streamline operations, and increase staff productivity. Key goals included facilitating batch scheduling during the transition and enabling lights-out data center operation to provide ongoing savings.

BMC Solution

Working with BMC partner CFS Consulting, IT implemented Control-M to streamline and automate scheduling and Control-M Batch Impact Manager to quickly pinpoint issues that could delay batch processing.

Business Impact

The BMC solutions addressed requirements for cross-platform operation: processing based on event and transaction as well as date and time, and support for rich scheduling on the VAX throughout the decommissioning effort without modification to VAX jobs.

  • Automated scheduling delivered $100,000 in immediate savings by reducing staff requirements by two full-time equivalents.
  • Error reduction and productivity increases are projected to save $18,000 annually in the first two years and $38,000 annually in subsequent years.
  • Early warning of potential problems allows proactive response to prevent service disruptions and complete jobs within the batch window.
  • Immediate and ongoing savings free funding for programs that strengthen schools and student success.
  • Automated batch processes run seven days a week, helping IT accommodate peak times such as the beginning of the school year.

“[Control-M] has compressed the entire schedule so we can run more jobs and bigger jobs in the same amount of time. In the past, when we had a large number of students to enroll, we would have to stage the enrollments in small groups across multiple nights. Now we can get the enrollments completed in a shorter window of time. That benefits everyone.”

— April Johnson, Senior Engineer/Project Manager, Seattle Public Schools.

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Visão geral da solução Control-M