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In spite of the visible shift to a services-based economy, manufacturing is alive and well. As one industry blogger put it, “With the rise of the cloud services economy, it’s easy to forget that the heart of business actually is making ‘stuff’.”1

Manufacturing firms are leveraging new digital technologies to accelerate output by improving productivity, streamlining operations, and reducing time to market. Mastering effective IT operations however, is crucial to ensure that these technologies deliver the desired competitive advantage.

See how BMC can help you leverage new IT to meet your business objectives.

Solution Brief: Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Technologies and trends in Manufacturing IT

With the deployment of IP-addressable devices on the shop floor, plant machines can now communicate with one another without human interaction.


Communication between these devices results in decreased down-time due to proactive notification of equipment malfunctions, improved product quality, and a greater visibility of the end-to-end production process.

IT challenges:

  • Identifying and managing critical plant sensors and devices
  • Ensuring availability of key digital services
Solutions to enable machine-to-machine communication:

As manufacturing plants are becoming “smarter,” plant engineers are also becoming more mobile.


Plant engineers are leveraging smartphones and tablets for access to up-to-date manufacturing status and production information.

IT challenges:

  • Enabling and empowering a mobile workforce
  • Providing “anywhere access” to real-time service (e.g. ERP, e-Kanban, etc.) and IoT equipment status
Solutions for empowering the mobile user:

Manufacturers are pressed to bring products to market faster while maintaining production efficiencies.


Manufacturers are leveraging the cloud to facilitate collaboration and coordination among geographically dispersed engineers, functions, and business units.

IT challenges:

  • Provide ability to rapidly deploy a secure/private cloud environment
  • Provide seamless access to cloud resources (private and public)
Solutions for leveraging cloud in the plant:

Leveraging all the information at their fingertips can allow plants to move from preventative maintenance to predictive maintenance.


Volumes of information from embedded factory equipment sensors allow plants to improve up time while reducing maintenance labor costs. Effectively collecting, assimilating and analyzing all of this data, however, will be a challenge for many IT organizations.

IT challenge:

  • Effectively manage big data environments
Solutions for your big data initiatives:
“Everything ties back to the fact that the people who support the business have to be aware of what systems are out there and what those systems are doing. The BMC solutions are providing that awareness.” — Shridhar Sreekanth, Enterprise Architect, Lockheed Martin
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1. “Five Trends in Manufacturing Technology” – Inside-ERP, Mae Kowalke