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Setor de TI digital da BMC chega a 82% das empresas da Fortune 500

TrueSight Intelligence, a key component of digital enterprise management, is a cloud-based big data analytics platform. It helps you collect and analyze machine, business, and operational data, from virtually any source, in real time.
The Big Data Analytics Reality For Modern Infrastructure And Operations Leaders
The Big Data Analytics Reality For Modern Infrastructure And Operations Leaders

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Know the business impact of critical digital services

As a modern IT executive, you’re poised to reshape the role of your IT organization to power digital transformation across the enterprise. Imagine being able to predict a degradation in customer experience with a new mobile app when a regional marketing program hits its peak at the same time the network is undergoing maintenance or a security patch.

With TrueSight Intelligence you will:

  • Quickly understand the status and business impact of critical digital services
  • Easily correlate the IT infrastructure with an event that impacts revenue, cost, and risk
  • Use data-driven insights to take fast, accurate action

Get a holistic view of business, technical, and operational data

As an IT operations professional in a digital business, you're under more pressure than ever to deliver a great experience while keeping up with the speed of the business. You need ready access to technical, business, and operational data, from every source, in the context of the business purpose of the technology.

With TrueSight Intelligence you can:

  • See a complete and accurate data picture to understand the scope of a performance issue or outage
  • Quickly catch issues before they impact the business by pinpointing the source of the problem
  • Proactively notify customer service when application performance issues may drive a spike in customer calls

Visualize the behavior of your apps and services

Your DevOps mentality means you need to move fast, be accurate, and focus on the right priorities that matter to your business, without being encumbered by central IT processes. Your analytics solution needs to stream metric data, at web-scale, from any data source, so you can focus your efforts on constantly improving the applications and services your digital business runs on.

With TrueSight Intelligence you can:

  • Visualize all data in your own way from a single big data repository
  • Explore data to find answers with intuitive search
  • Understand performance baselines and compare normal vs. abnormal behavior for any metric
  • Respond to the business in real time with data-driven insight that is current and accurate
"TrueSight Intelligence é uma plataforma de grande volume de dados com grandes vantagens evolutivas e um roteiro claro para uma funcionalidade mais ampla e versatilidade em termos de casos de uso." — Enterprise Management Associates
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Purchasing Options TrueSight Intelligence is available through an annual subscription with two data retention options to meet your analytics needs.

Licensed in packs of 50 metrics or 100,000 events, we provide the flexibility to analyze the data that matters most to your business.

90-Day Retention

  • 50 Metrics $35/Month
  • 100,000 Events $2/Month

1-Year Retention

  • 50 Metrics $90/Month
  • 100,000 Events $5/Month

Contact an Expert for customized pricing that meets your big data analytics needs.