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Environmental Statement

BMC Software recognizes its corporate responsibility to protect the environment. BMC’s business is to develop, distribute and support computer software. The nature of our business and production processes have little impact on the environment.  Nevertheless, BMC is dedicated to complying with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations. In addition, we’re taking proactive steps to incorporate and improve environmentally friendly processes in our business.

What We Are Achieving

Recycling Program

  • Outdated computer equipment is sent to an outside vendor for refurbishing and resale.
  • Dry trash is sent offsite for separation with approximately 50% being recycled
  • Printer cartridges are shipped back to the manufacturer for recycling

Operational Strategies

  • BMC encourages electronic distribution of software and documentation to customers and partners, eliminating the need for media production, binding and printing
  • The Houston campus buildings have two water wells that are used to supplement lawn watering and emergency support to the data center cooling system. The municipal district allocates 13 million gallons annually to BMC resulting in a reduced cost to the City for pumping and chemically treating the water by an estimated $35,000 a year.
  • The indoor environment for employees is just as important as the outdoor one and BMC has implemented a comprehensive guideline for indoor air quality (IAQ). BMC’s guideline establishes the creation of building profiles, equipment checklists, and field verification of building systems that affect IAQ. Constant monitoring and verification of proper ventilation rates are part of the daily routine.
  • BMC recognizes the effects of ozone reducing materials and uses refrigerants that have low ozone depletion values in all cooling equipment. BMC incorporates proactive measures in leak detection, storage recommendations and equipment servicing intervals.
  • Energy saving strategies are communicated with employees who are encouraged to actively participate in environmental initiatives
  • Energy conservation strategies are incorporated in the design of our facilities

Awards and Recognition

In 2003 and 2004, BMC Software’s Houston campus was presented the EPA’s Energy Star label (Energy Star is a program that recognizes excellence in energy management). BMC deployed technological and operational strategies resulting in energy performances that are among the top 25 percent in the nation. The award was earned largely as the result of energy-efficient features that were original design elements of the property.

BMC Software is committed to sustaining environmental health while encouraging the support and participation of our employees.